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cUPid aRRoWs hiT My HeArT

Life is a funny thing.. There I was sat minding my own business.. Getting on with my life, as you do… Making judgments about people from short conversations :/… When in front of me appears a person… A person who makes me look up from my sad excuse for a life and take note….. A … Continue reading

New Age Relationships

I have just gotten home from a very long night. I’ve spent the last 4 hours talking to a girl with a broken heart, I couldn’t walk away when I saw her teary, clinging to a class of Vodka, desperately hoping to find a quick fix. So I asked her what the matter was, she … Continue reading

me and life

A life taken for granted is one that always urges to make sense and misses the beauty of simplicity which is the most precious gift that anyone can give their concious.To truly enjoy your life,you must stop comparing yourself to others and start being thankful for who you are. Life can give you a hundred … Continue reading

Perfectly Loved.

The secret to a good relationship is the ability to tolerate differences and embrace imperfections. The most compatible couples have great levels of patience and tolerance for each other. They strengthen their relationship by holding on to each other in worst circumstances. Although they disagree on various things they have an amazing understanding for each … Continue reading