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Your Name is on the lips of people, glorious things are spoken of You. People dont know how and why They just find themselves talking, talking great things about You, talking about Your craft. You’re power, You’re mystery, You’re divinity, You’re glory, You’re unique brand of magic. You’re joyful, You’re peace filled, You’re inner vision, … Continue reading

The Locket

It was tarnished and old with a broken clasp. I tossed it into the drawer. Why did my mother give it to me, And what would I want if for? The years passed by My little girl was going through my things, Slipping bracelet on her arm And trying on my rings. “What’s this?”I heard … Continue reading

See It In My Eyes

Can you see it in my eyes? I have yet to vocalize Desire deep inside me, Can you see it in my eyes? I tremble when I’m near you Heat travels up my thighs, I want you with an agency That I just can’t describe. Dare,I reach out to touch you Do you think you’d … Continue reading

Mixed Emotions

So close i know i am but so far away i feel happy yet so sad satisfied and unsatistified at the same time im so strong but weak and confused i can cry both tears of joy and sadness deep pain and anguish the screams i make are sounds of both jubilation and anxiety im … Continue reading