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I used to wonder why I had to be strong for everyone yet I’m a very fragile being. I used to wonder why the world always seems to be against me no matter how much I try to live as a christian. Last night I had a dream and in my dream I heard my … Continue reading


I choose

I punish wasted time by constant progress When you visualize you have to two choices at hand; it’s either you see what you believe or believe what you see I choose beyond common thoughts I choose beyond temporal achievements and perforated success supported by illusionary unrealistic goals Borrow me disturbance throw me to a disquieting … Continue reading

Inside You Lies Greatness

In each of us you,there is a seed, A seed of vast potential,A place beyond the ego mind. A place so rich and fertile, That you can smell its rich fragrance Like after a cool summer rain. You can feel this pulse of life, As it pulses through you. This infinite part of you knows…. … Continue reading