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Words maybe twisted, thoughts maybe abused and emotions maybe mixed up. Summer time is upon us again and the same usual thinking caps are on. Get me right before you go through this, I am not saying it is wrong for a girl to be brave and go for what she wants but she has … Continue reading

Loving his credit card………

Over the past few years more and more ladies are becoming so obsessed with guys owning credit cards. Well i observed this because I’m also a victim of not carrying one. This trend is growing daily in the groups of the communities which where previously disadvantaged. Which most of them changed to becoming heavy spenders … Continue reading

Cheap Prostitution

Since i started to live by the principle that says ”I only consume alcohol when im drunk” im always sober and that has managed to keep me in the look,hence I can easily differentiate between bad and very bad.Spent a couple of years participating in the club scene, Harrison Crump, blue six and Mr V … Continue reading

“Men are all the same!”- true or false?

When I was talking to the editor of this blog during the month of April, I realized that there is more wrong information going around than honesty which is written without fear or favour… “As a result we see articles in the column ‘The men’s perspective’ growing with supporters”. “Men are all the same!”- true … Continue reading