Living In God

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Wait In Hope

I often ask myself why life takes us on some difficult journeys? Why do we stumble and fall when we do? Why do people turn from their faith and it seems as though we can’t reach them? The truth is, I have learned, there is a purpose for everything. It may be so hard for … Continue reading

Living in Faith……..

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” (Psalm 147:3). My health has been like a peach tree, suddenly disappearing as if it had never existed. Emotional and physical pain took the place of good health, and soon I realized how I was never in control of my health leaving. Soon, frustrated anger robbed … Continue reading

Im not alone

I think of suffering as a blessing in disguise. Through suffering God teaches us many things to either better ourselves or to help others become a living testimony. When we learn to trust in God through our sufferings then we will begin to understand what He is trying to do in our lives. We don’t … Continue reading

The Woman In Me…….

I want to be the kind of woman that fears nothing and no one because I’m a woman of God.I want to be the woman that cries in the arms of God and when I left my head up I can walk knowing all will be well.I want to be the kind of woman who … Continue reading