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I used to wonder why I had to be strong for everyone yet I’m a very fragile being. I used to wonder why the world always seems to be against me no matter how much I try to live as a christian. Last night I had a dream and in my dream I heard my … Continue reading

Broken heart. Unbroken love

As I write tonight. I drowning in so many mixed emotions. I don’t really know how I’m feeling. Tears rolling down my eyes yet heart so happy that have met such an amazing person in such a short time. Its so hard to believe how one can be so attached to someone they’ve know for … Continue reading

cUPid aRRoWs hiT My HeArT

Life is a funny thing.. There I was sat minding my own business.. Getting on with my life, as you do… Making judgments about people from short conversations :/… When in front of me appears a person… A person who makes me look up from my sad excuse for a life and take note….. A … Continue reading

Wait In Hope

I often ask myself why life takes us on some difficult journeys? Why do we stumble and fall when we do? Why do people turn from their faith and it seems as though we can’t reach them? The truth is, I have learned, there is a purpose for everything. It may be so hard for … Continue reading