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Miscommunication & Misunderstanding in a Relationship/s..

It is not every time when you try to get a message across that it actually gets received in the manner that you intended it to. We like to think that the person the message is intended for actually does understand what you are trying to get through to them. Truth is we all do get this wrong.

Sometimes I wish that all Humans came with a Manual or has a Crystal Ball see everything before hand or at that moment. Trust me we wouldn’t have to worry about mis-communicating something or someone misunderstanding us. How great would the world be if we could read each other’s minds?! Well that would be creepy to right?

There are a lot of things that could go South in a conversation because one person makes an assumption of what the other person actually meant. Most of the time this is caused by not fully paying attention to the person or they just interested in what they want to point out or hear (selective hearing). Yes we are all guilty of doing that especially if we’re are the ones not in trouble. 99.9% of the time after a heated argument we don’t remember what it was actually about because it went to far.

I had to master the skill of LISTENING and it became a tool and I had to try and perfect it very quickly. I was one of those people that jumped into conclusions before a person was done talking and I still do struggle with that sometimes because of my impulsiveness.
This usually happened a lot or mostly via any form of texting whether it be on Whatsapp, Facebook or just a plain sms. It got me into trouble a number of times which made me realize that “concluding” or making an “assumption” about what was being said at the time,lead to a painful,bitter or lonely path and it was never easy to go back and apologize.

We usually make our own enemies based on emotional decisions we took to justify our feelings or how we think a person wronged us.
Truth is miscommunication or misunderstandings can be avoided if we actually learned to Listen to learn rather than Listening to respond. I’ts not always that we have to respond to something or someone.
If we can all master this skill then we won’t have to find ourselves apologizing for something we don’t know “we did wrong”.





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