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Memories back then

She would always turn heads when she’d fall.
She would always make moves how a boss do and she never gave any woman time of day but she the chick all the women tried to talk to.

But when it came to me, she had a thing for me. When we chilled she roll up weed for me and we’d both watch out the window to see if the cops were coming. We got close her and I, right around the time when I started traveling. I was about 17 going back and forth, game after game. She became suspicious of these other bitches, she’d go through my phone and we’d fight. Talk about torn between the two. Wasn’t really much that we could do. Wasn’t much space for us but she stayed with me every game she seen me play.

Till one night I had a few, saw a chick I liked, told her to hurry up and meet me in my room. She found out and you can bet she left me.
When I made love to another woman, someone that wasn’t you and I may find another woman but it won’t be another you.

Never did I think I’d lose your love. What the hell was I thinking of? Oh well guess i didn’t think enough..
I’m saying what’s real but I cant even imagine how are you feeling..



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