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I used to wonder why I had to be strong for everyone yet I’m a very fragile being.

I used to wonder why the world always seems to be against me no matter how much I try to live as a christian.

Last night I had a dream and in my dream I heard my mothers voice saying

“You are not fragile, you are a gentle soul, they come to you because you my child are their source of stregnth. You are a strong woman and your stregnth gives them the stregnth to move on.

Your life now is only but a phase, you will one day look back and see how much your ‘sufferring’ has made you greater. Your sufferring will help you help those who come to you.

As you go through life know that I am proud of you, know that as you grow into the woman you are meant to be, as you continue to be strong for those around you, I am watching over you, I see your tears, I feel your pain.

I want you to know that I am with you, I am in the woman who takes care of you when you can not, I in am the woman that goes out of her way to make you feel loved even if she is not oblidged to.

I am watching you grow into an amazing woman. I am proud to be called your mother and I will always love you.”

Now I know that it happens to make me a stronger woman

Unknown Author


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  1. Touching…so touching..

    Posted by Avy | August 14, 2015, 12:00 pm
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