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I choose

I punish wasted time by constant progress
When you visualize you have to two choices at hand;
it’s either you see what you believe or believe what
you see
I choose beyond common thoughts
I choose beyond temporal achievements and
perforated success supported by illusionary
unrealistic goals
Borrow me disturbance throw me to a disquieting
zone I’ll still breed uncontaminated visions of
I choose
It’s only I matter of space and time before I integrate
from dreams to visions from visions to thoughts
from thoughts to actions
This time my “I’m gonna do it” has a fullstop
This time I walk by faith not by sight
This time my reasons are not excuses
This time my lies tell the truth
I choose
Because this time I choose, I choose to push front
positivity and double-step-back, triple-fade-away the
From this moment I rebirth the achiever within me
From this moment I bless the abilities within
From this moment I pin mark my success not by pins
but by short-term goals
From this moment I landmark my space of creativity
by motivation
From this moment let the impossible fear my
presence and let the feasible shout praises to my
I choose
Because I choose, today I choose to negotiate with
the bullet of hate to find a home in the gun of love
Today I choose not to teach my self with these words
but to indoctrinate myself with their meaning
And the first word being love
I choose
Today, this time, this moment, I choose to succeed
I choose

By Bongani Mthimunye


One thought on “I choose

  1. Love it!

    Posted by Blog Woman | January 29, 2014, 7:10 pm
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