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Loving his credit card………

Over the past few years more and more ladies are becoming so obsessed with guys owning credit cards. Well i observed this because I’m also a victim of not carrying one. This trend is growing daily in the groups of the communities which where previously disadvantaged. Which most of them changed to becoming heavy spenders … Continue reading

10 Things That Turn Men Off

Men don’t say much because they were not taught how to speak and can’t nag because its not in their nature. But men get annoyed and irritated pretty much, just pay attention to them you might figure that out very soon. Here are some of the things that turn men off: 1. Ask him about … Continue reading

Im not alone

I think of suffering as a blessing in disguise. Through suffering God teaches us many things to either better ourselves or to help others become a living testimony. When we learn to trust in God through our sufferings then we will begin to understand what He is trying to do in our lives. We don’t … Continue reading