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“Men are all the same!”- true or false?

When I was talking to the editor of this blog during the month of April, I realized that there is more wrong information going around than honesty which is written without fear or favour… “As a result we see articles in the column ‘The men’s perspective’ growing with supporters”.

“Men are all the same!”- true or false?

Over the number of years I was made to believe this to being true, every magazine article you read, newspaper, web page you browse, every tv show you watch, every radio station you listen to and every novel you read suggest that men are all the same.

That is why over the years there has been many books which were presented to the world as “men user manual” a book of a sort telling one how to keep her man

The greatest question which I hope after reading this article maybe you can answer it for me is, why those book are best selling?

Let us be for real, how many of you still look in the manual to know that the green button on your cell phone is for answering?

If you have managed to make your man happy over the first few months of your relationship without a “manual” why need one 4years down the line? If I’m to tell it from “The men’s perspective”, the reason why things are not going well between you and us, is that “when Marry wrote ‘1000 ways to keep a man’ she wrote it for Peter” and well today you wanna apply it to your man, who is not even related to Peter…

“Men are not all the same and we like being treated with our uniqueness” once you force Peter to us, we quickly feel we should allow you to find Peter…

Now let’s talk about keeping him:
1. Ask him what he likes.
2. Do the thing u used to do in the beginning.
3. Remain true to him.

If the above three (3) is not working, your in a wrong relationship and there is nothing you can do to fix it, go find your Peter. Sorry if that is harsh but it is a view from “The men’s perspective”.



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