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There’s no spot where God is Not.

There are times in our lives when we feel there is no way up or out.Confusion,loneliness,desperation,illness and poverty take us to a place called “rock bottom”.In these times we may feel weak and vulnerable,and it is easy to lose faith in your ability to go on. During those hard times you must turn to the … Continue reading


1 – Spend time with Jesus Christ every single day. I cannot stress that enough for the success minded Christian. So often we spend our time working on things that have no bearing on our future christian success (nor any current success value) because we haven’t taken the time to focus and understand what Jesus … Continue reading

Inside You Lies Greatness

In each of us you,there is a seed, A seed of vast potential,A place beyond the ego mind. A place so rich and fertile, That you can smell its rich fragrance Like after a cool summer rain. You can feel this pulse of life, As it pulses through you. This infinite part of you knows…. … Continue reading

Center Of Love

We try to find perfect love for ourselves and in this search we come to meet different people having different ideas and thoughts. Then a person comes in our life that we consider is the best one. We think he will make our life perfect and keep us happy forever. We fall in love with … Continue reading