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Take Some “Me” Time.

Nikolai Jericho

Despite the fact that people still consider me to be a heartless bastard, who would tell someone to kill themselves at the first chance I get, I actually am someone who’s quite compassionate and empathetic and all that mushy garbage.

Although I can be quite a terrible person, like any true Gemini, I have multiple faces. Some people call it “schizophrenia”, I call it “the spice of life”. Strangely enough though, over the past couple of months I have found myself playing counsellor to a lot of people. While I do enjoy helping them with their issues, mainly because I fucking love to gossip, sometimes it’s all a bit much.

Firstly, it’s hard to help people when you’re dealing with your own issues, but also when you try to help many people at once, it can be a bit overwhelming as you tend to carry their burdens with you. This…

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2 thoughts on “Take Some “Me” Time.

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