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Living In God

The Strength Of A Mountain.

O Lord,when You favoured me,You made my mountain stand firm.Psalm 30:7.

Throughout the Bible we find mountaintop experiences.On Mount Ararat Noah’s Ark comes to rest.On Mounta Moriah God sends an angel to stop Abraham from sacrifising his son Isaac.On Mount Sinai God gives Moses the Ten Commandments.On Mount Zion David drives out the pagans and prepares to build in temple of God.on Mount Carmel God comes down in fire and burns up the water-soaked altar of the pagan prophets of Baal.

Mountains image was firmly implanted in the minds of the people of the Old Testament as symbol of God’s steadfastness.

Now the psalmist seize that image and says that God’s favour,His grace provides all the security he needs.God’s grace may appear to far beyond our reach,yet it gives us strength in the world.It is God’s saving link to us throughout the death of His Son on Mount Calvary for our forgiveness and eternal life.


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