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Before you can join a church

People go to church for spiritual nourishment and to be taught Biblical wisdom that will help them to live a life of integrity and moral values.

Before you could join a church:

1.Pray and seek God’s guidance.Ask what the church’s vision is and research the profile of its leaders.If you have suspicions,stay away.

2.Becareful of a church where the pastor is treated as a god who must be feared.

3.Find out from other believers if the church leaders supply members with audited financial reports of offerings and tithes.If not,stay away!

4.If a new pastor starts a church,find out his history.If nothing is known about him and he says nothing about his history becareful.Some pastors go from one area to the next,preying on peoples ignorance and leaving a trail of destruction.

5.Beware of any pastor who says he can heal an illness if he’s paid.

NB:Remember Tithes are not meant ti be used for the pastors,they are meant to take care of the needs of the house of God.



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