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Take Some “Me” Time.

Originally posted on Nikolai Jericho:
Despite the fact that people still consider me to be a heartless bastard, who would tell someone to kill themselves at the first chance I get, I actually am someone who’s quite compassionate and empathetic and all that mushy garbage. Although I can be quite a terrible person, like any…

Save The Children,Save Your Future

According to the Bible,children are a blessing and gift from the Lord (Psalms127:3). Give them special attention and care,whether or not they are our biological children.Its your responsibility to reach them and give them hope and love.You must understand that when you save children you save the future. You may be the one to change … Continue reading

The Strength Of A Mountain.

O Lord,when You favoured me,You made my mountain stand firm.Psalm 30:7. Throughout the Bible we find mountaintop experiences.On Mount Ararat Noah’s Ark comes to rest.On Mounta Moriah God sends an angel to stop Abraham from sacrifising his son Isaac.On Mount Sinai God gives Moses the Ten Commandments.On Mount Zion David drives out the pagans and … Continue reading

Born For This!

There are Christians who are called by God to be doctors. But I believe that among them are those separated from their mothers’ wombs for the healing ministry. They are passionate about seeking cures to alleviate the sufferings of humanity. Likewise, I think that there are Christians who are called by God to be teachers … Continue reading