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A Friend’s Man Is A No-go Area

We’ve seen friends turn into enemies because of a man.Friends are suppose to be our sisters from another mother.We can’t choose who we fall in love with,but to save ourselves from heartache,we need to identify those relationships that are best left unexplored.

True friendship takes hard work and commitment just like any relationship,like a good wine it just gets better with age.Before you could even start dating your friend’s man think about how other people will react to that.Thre will be a lot of strain your friendships and relationship,so can you handle all that straining?

Just give yourself time to think,if he could cheat on your friend with you,chances are he will cheat on you with someone else.How would you feel if your friend was dating your man?

Like any other relationship,you need to have rules that no man can damage your friendship.You need to be clear as friends on the lines which cannot be crossed.Partners come and go but true friends stick around in all times.


2 thoughts on “A Friend’s Man Is A No-go Area

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