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Living In God

Trust in Him…

Our struggles are too big for us to mitigate and too painful for others to relieve.We ask “Why?” and overwhelmed by stress,worry and fear.In His mercy,God comes to us to still the storm within.He may permit the circumstances that trouble us to remain but only so that He maybe our only hope and confidence.

Fear said look at how God let me down but Faith said nothing can separate me from the love of Christ Jesus.Christ showed and demostrated His love for us on the cross,breaking the power of sin,death and every evil.

By His resurrection,He shows no calamity can befall us that He has not broken.His love for us will never fail.He is the God of hope in whom we can trust.



2 thoughts on “Trust in Him…

  1. What a wonderful reminder of God’s faithfulness! You have lifted me up, today with this truth. Thank you!

    Posted by Marianne Lordi | March 18, 2013, 2:04 am
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