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Only God Knows…..

Its hard to believe that love exists when a man can just look at me and say he loves but when he turns arounds he has someone.

I forgive but I can never forget.Now I’ve been hurt not once or twice but so many times that I currently stand here and think maybe I deserve it coz I’m blind enough to let lies be of a concrete base of my relationships,I forgive and hope all will be well but truth is inside I wonder why I’m with him,will my love for him carry us through.

Lord why did u make me so weak in love,why can’t find my other half coz I’m tired of being unappreciated,disrepected,used,lied to and misunderstood so much that I’m begining to fear love because nower days it has been the language of bitter people and a cry out for the careless.

Well through all this I hope someone out there will take the time to love me because I can show it as I’m capable of it and even though love has hurt me I still manage to let it grow within me even though ITS hard I know I will get there and remember how GOD conquered love and what Jesus went through for the sake of love it might be hard but it has to be done



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