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Living In God

God’s Ways……

I thought i knew the way but God gave me direction, I thought i had them skills but God gave me talent, I bought a watch but God gave me patience, I thought i was quiet enough but God gave me silence, I keep on giving Him attention but He gives me quality time, I keep on thinking but He gives me ideas, I thought He called me but He has chosen me from the rest.

I reverse as I am scared, so scared to walk cause i have the ability to run, I’m scared to look cause i might realize i can see, scared to sleep cause my dreams do come true, scared to fly cause i might reach the sky, scared of the future so i live in the past, so scared of words cause im scared to listen, so scared of the knowledge cause i have the ability to understand it, so scared of faith cause i might beleive,scared to shine cause i might be a star, so scared to wait cause i might develop patience….scared of my garden at church cause i might grow the love of God.

I’m the diamond in the rough but God is here to make it better then we gon shine in this life together.



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