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Lost Myself In A Man

Sometimes loving someone doesn’t make you as happy but it hurts badly.We find ourselves stuck in miserable relationships because of love.We find ourselves crying more tears of pain than tears of joy.This love has been nothing but pain rather than happiness.

He came into my life,said all the I wanted in a man but to my suprise his actions are just different from the person he said he was.He said he will protect me but instead he is the one person who keeps harming my soul.What happened to him being there for me when I need him?obviously haven’t seen this man at all.

Found myself being the support system as he find himself and build his goals but when the time came for me to build my own goals he shut me out,he doesn’t even care what I do with my life.As much as I try to make him support me he shatters my ambitions.

Today my life flash before my eyes and realised days,months and years have passed but I’m still stuck with this man,no career and still in pain.I thought I lost myself in love but now I know I lost myself in a man I love too much while he had love for me only when he wanted something from me.

As I wake up this morning,I’m taking a stand of my own.I’m finding me,time to let go of what holds me back from going forward and I return to my God.I pray that I no longer find myself lost in a man again.



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