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If This Isn’t Love,What Is Love?

Since the day you came into my life,i’ve found a freind in you,a bestfriend,lover,brother,a new leaf.You make my heart skip the beat,my thighs tremble,my soul feels so open and my spirit is in so much peace.Just when i try close my eyes there you are and when they open you are still there.At times it feels like a dream yet reality never to sees into what im seeing in you.

You pick me up when im down,your my light in the dark,my pillar of strenght through my weaknesses.When everyone has turned their backs on me you stay around.When my heart is in sorrow you become my comforter and the helping hand.When im teary you never mind getting your me tearing up your shirts with my tears.you keep me motivated when negativity seem to strangle me.

I know at times i havent been myself but you stood by me and helped me find myself.Just when im sorrounded by darkness you turn into one thing that brightens me.I never been perfect yet im still not but you accepted me as i am and said to me “i take you as you are”.There are times i feel lost but you help me understand myself beter and find what i have been missing all along.

There journey of my life hasnt been easy but you said you dont care you’ll help me keep it stable.Challenges sees to more by than you just held my hand and said im not going anywhere i’ll walk with me no matter what.if you aint a true lover than what are you?



4 thoughts on “If This Isn’t Love,What Is Love?

  1. Indeed Brando Love love finds its way no matter how hard we try to avoid it,its always there.

    Posted by basadiii | March 6, 2013, 8:48 am


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