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Why Men Use Women

#thinking out loud (won’t it be better it ladies took care of their choices like they do with their weaves?)

Ladies, I’m a man and I’m gonna write a monthly column called “from men’s perspective”. The column will be telling the truth men have been failing to tell.

Let’s talk about love and the lady on the mirror…

Over the past number of days I have been dealing with the following question “do you think I’m fat?”. Any way why does it matter what do I think?

Ladies for your info, we as men already know your expected answers and we answer according to them. So an answer to the question won’t certify if I love you or not.

The only time to feel real love is if you love yourself and if you don’t love yourself a young man will come with a fake love like your weave and you will fall for it because you never gave yourself the real love.

As I put my pen down “from a men’s perspective” no man will love you till you start to love yourself. #realManTellsItAsItIs



One thought on “Why Men Use Women

  1. Wow dats so true ey!

    Posted by khabonina | February 8, 2013, 7:48 am
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